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It’s been a few years now since we’ve gotten Necropolis B10 (re: like, half a decade I think) and we’ve finally gotten 2 new dungeons: the Steel Fortress and the Punisher’s Crypt! This list is about the Steel Fortress, and what you can expect from it.

Stage | Cost | Level | Element
B1 | 5 | 12 | Wind
B2 | 5 | 15 | Wind
B3 | 6 | 20 | Wind
B4 | 6 | 25 | Wind
B5 | 7 | 30 | Wind
B6 | 7 | 40 | Wind
B7 | 7 | 50 | Wind
B8 | 8 | 55 | Wind
B9 | 8 | 60 | Wind
B10 | 8 | 65 | Wind

You’ll have to fight 4 rounds in each dungeon.

Round | Monsters
1 | 2 Large Crystals and 2 Small Crystals
2 | Miniboss and 2 Small Crystals
3 | 3 Small Crystals and 2 Large Crystals
4 | Ancient Tormentor and 2 Crystals

He’ll always have the following skills:

  • Steel Fist: Attacks all enemies and decreases their Attack Speed for 2 turns.
  • Thunder Blow: Attacks the enemy target 3 times to decrease the Attack Bar by 30% each. Stuns the enemy if the enemy’s Attack Bar drops to 0 for 2 turns.
  • Thunderbolt (Passive): Whenever the enemy’s 5th turn ends, attacks a random enemy with a thunderbolt. Attacks up to 4 times in proportion to the boss’ Attack Power, and the attack won’t land as a Glancing Hit. Stuns the enemy with a 25% chance per beneficial effect granted on the boss. Stuns the enemy for 2 turns when the boss lands a Critical Hit. [Automatic Effect]
  • Steel Will (Passive): Increases the boss’s Attack Power and Critical Rate for 1 turn when each turn begins, and grants a shield equivalent to 10% of the boss’ HP and Defense increasing effect on the boss for 1 turn when the boss is attacked by an enemy. Additionally, the damage receives from the enemy is decreased by 20% per beneficial effect granted on the boss. [Automatic Effect]

The left and right crystals will always be the same in each stage

  • Weaken Defense Device: Attacks the enemy target 2 times and decreases the Defense for 2 turns if the enemy is stunned.
  • Acceleration Device: Increases the boss’ Attack Bar by 20%. Additionally increases the Attack Bar by 20% per beneficial effect granted on the boss.

You can expect to get the following from each floor:

  • Attribute Artifacts
  • Conversion Stones



March Hall of Heroes [Carrack – Fire Pirate Captain]

February Hall of Heroes [Lumirecia – Water Sylphid]

January Hall of Heroes [Fuco – Fire Lich]

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You’ll definitely need someone who can inflict the Beneficial Effect Block debuff on the boss. Ideally, you should use two buff blockers, and someone who can remove beneficial effects as well. As such, many people have been using monsters such as Eirgar (dark Vampire Lord) or Zinc (dark Living Armor) along with Loren (light Cow Girl).
The whole gimmick of Steel Fortress is buffing the boss himself, so having someone to keep buffs off of the boss is absolutely essential. There are multiple teams floating around right now, but the main one that most people are using (and is completely farmable) consists of:

  • Eirgar (Dark Vampire Lord)/Zinc (dark Living Armor)
  • Second-Awakening Raoq (fire Inugami)
  • Second-Awakening Kro (dark Inugami)
  • Fran (light Fairy Queen)
  • Loren (light Cow Girl)

There will be a more in-depth guide coming soon, but for now, make sure your buff blocker has at least 55% Accuracy to guarantee they’ll land the debuff.
Updated on August 23rd, 2020